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Master Cleanse with Cayenne Pepper

People that are interested in a Master Cleanse for their bodies use a mixture of water, lemon, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Experts feel that the two ingredients that serve as the core for this cayenne pepper cleanse are lemons and cayenne pepper. They have been described as “detoxifying” agents. While both of these help the cleanse work successfully, it’s believed that cayenne pepper may offer many other kinds of health benefits. Master Cleanse Cayenne Pepper Cayenne pepper may be the most important ingredient in a Master Cleanse. As it aids in digestive issues, many times it’s for that reason … Continue reading

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Adding Honey to the Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

If you’ve been wondering whether you would be better off substituting honey for the maple syrup in the Cayenne pepper cleanse, you may have to decide for yourself who you believe. Stanley Burroughs himself didn’t think we should be eating honey at all so he certainly wouldn’t have recommended it as a substitute for his grade B maple syrup cleanse. On the other hand, raw organic honey is certainly used in other detox cleanses. For example, if you are doing a raw food detox, you would be able to add raw honey to your diet without any problem. So honey … Continue reading

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