Buy Cayenne Pepper

If you are looking to buy cayenne pepper, you can do so right here. Amazon sells ground/powdered cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper pills and capsaicin cream. Just click on your preferred form of heat below!

Cayenne Pepper Pills cayenne cream

Cayenne Pepper Powder | Cayenne Pepper Pills | Capsaicin Cream

If you prefer to buy cayenne pepper locally, the answer is usually pretty easy – your local supermarket. Cayenne pepper is common enough that nearly any supermarket or grocery store should carry it, at least in its powdered form. Check the spices aisle. For dried cayenne peppers, they are also often found in the spice/cooking aisle as well, but if you don’t see it there, the produce aisle may be the place. If your regular grocery store doesn’t stock dried cayenne pepper, try someplace like Whole Foods or an ethnic market. Look for fresh cayenne peppers in your produce section. For capsaicin cream, check the health and pain relievers aisle. Most of the cayenne ointments will be in the arthritis pain relief section.

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