Master Cleanse with Cayenne Pepper

People that are interested in a Master Cleanse for their bodies use a mixture of water, lemon, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Experts feel that the two ingredients that serve as the core for this cayenne pepper cleanse are lemons and cayenne pepper. They have been described as “detoxifying” agents. While both of these help the cleanse work successfully, it’s believed that cayenne pepper may offer many other kinds of health benefits.

Master Cleanse Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper may be the most important ingredient in a Master Cleanse. As it aids in digestive issues, many times it’s for that reason alone that people will choose to try a detox cleanse. They are hopeful that the cayenne pepper will be the remedy for their digestive problems through helping with the process of elimination. This will improve digestion.

When Dr. Stanley Burroughs developed his Master Cleanse, he purposely included cayenne pepper for its many health benefits. One of these was its’ ability to stimulate the blood. He believed that this pepper caused the blood to get moving and helped to eliminate all of the toxic build up in the human body as a result of bad eating habits. This build up is easily eliminated through mucus. Cayenne pepper stimulates the production of mucus so it helps to move things along faster, thus making the body cleanse even more productive.

Other benefits of using cayenne pepper for cleansing include lowering blood pressure, and the ability of widening the blood vessels. This is called vasodilation. Widening the blood vessels is what results in lowering blood pressure because, when they’re constricted, it causes the blood pressure to rise and stay up.

Another helpful benefit of cayenne pepper is its’ ability to reduce inflammation in the joints. Many naturally made muscle liniments use cayenne due to this healing property. Cayenne can also provide some inflammatory reduction internally, which can help with any stiffness of the joints or arthritis that may occur later in life.

As there are many reasons to consider using cayenne pepper cleansing, you may want try it just to see what it does for you. When used as a part of the Master Cleanse, you may notice more than just one of the benefits that cayenne provides the body. Follow the directions of the Master Cleanse to safely experience all of the effects. If you’re tempted to leave out the cayenne pepper, remember that it’s considered one of the most important ingredients.

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