Cayenne Pepper Weight Loss

There are many advocates of cayenne pepper weight loss benefits. While there are some who knock any ‘so-called’  health benefits of this peppery spice, it is found in all sorts of weight loss aids.

Since cayenne pepper has lots of warming and activating properties, it is considered an aid to metabolism and may boost the rate of your metabolism about 25%, which would be a considerable aid to weight loss.

Of course, if you are considering using cayenne pepper for weight loss, you may have considered doing the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse is one of many popular detoxing cleansing diets. Some other popular options are also cleanses done with acai juice or with vinegar and lemon. There are also some lemon based cleanses which are slightly different in formulation from the Master Cleanse. While not designed from the outset as a weight loss diet, let’s see what Dr. Burroughs has to say about how cayenne pepper benefits weight loss.  Here is an excerpt from his book, The Master Cleanser:


As a reducing diet it is superior in every way to any other system because it dissolves and eliminates all types of fatty tissue. Fat melts away at the rate of about two pounds a day for most persons—and without any harmful side effects.

All mucus diseases such as colds, flu, asthma, hay fever, sinus and bronchial troubles are rapidly dissolved and eliminated from the body, leaving the user free from the varied allergies which cause difficult breathing and clogging of the sinus cavities. Allergies exist as a result of an accumulation of these toxins and they vanish as we cleanse our body. People who are over-weight often experience these difficulties, and the more they continue to eat the toxic fat-producing foods which cause their obesity, the more their other ailments multiply.

Mucus disorders are brought about by the eating or drinking of mucus-forming foods. In other words, if you have these diseases, you at them! As we stop feeding our family mucus-forming foods, we can eliminate their mucus and allergy diseases for the rest of their lives.

The types of disease which are a result of calcium deposits in the joints, muscles, cells, and glands are readily dissolved and removed from the body. Cholesterol deposits in the arteries and veins also respond to the magic cleansing power of the lemonade diet. All skin disorders also disappear as the rest of the body is cleansed. Boils, abscesses, carbuncles, and pimples all come under this category. These conditions are again Nature’s effort to eliminate poisons quickly from the body.

All types of infections are the result of these vast accumulations of poisons being dissolved and burned or oxidized to produce further cleansing of the body. Therefore, rapid elimination of the toxins relieves the need for infectious fevers of all kinds. Infections are not “caught,” they are created by Nature to assist in burning our surplus wastes.

Yes, the lemonade diet is a reducing diet, but much more. Just as many other disorders also cleared up at the same time when it was used to heal ulcers, when it is used as a reducing diet other ailments are also corrected in the process.

People build strong, healthy bodies from the correct foods or they build diseased bodies from incorrect foods. When disease does become necessary, the lemonade diet will prove its superior cleansing and building ability. – The Master Cleanser

Of course, doing the Master Cleanse isn’t the only way to take advantage of cayenne pepper and weight loss. You can also start just by increasing it in your diet. Add a little bite to your food with a bit of salsa. On a regular basis your metabolism should get a nice boost. But I just wouldn’t solely rely on capsicum, or cayenne, to lose weight.

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5 Responses to Cayenne Pepper Weight Loss

  1. cassie says:

    How much water should i be drinking while doing this cleanse?

  2. admin says:

    Cassie, if you are drinking 6-8 glasses of the cayenne pepper lemonade drink during the day, then I would drink additional water when you are thirsty – maybe another three to four 8 ounce glasses per day.

  3. lynda says:

    How long is it recommended to do cleanse for.

  4. admin says:

    10 Days, Lynda

  5. veronica gilliam says:

    yes I am use it now and i have lose wieght 20 pound and my blood pressure have went down and my skin clear up and body feel good now i just happy about the cayanne pepper.

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