Cayenne Pepper Benefits

Cayenne is an herb that stimulates circulation and enhances healing capability of the body. The main component of this pepper is the capsaicin that makes the pepper spicier and very hot. Also, capsicum is responsible for many of the cayenne pepper benefits. The Cayenne pepper diet is based on natural and alternative medicine and this diet program is mostly preferred by advocates of detoxification and body cleanses.

But these aren’t the only things that cayenne is good for, so if you are looking to gain more from cayenne, you don’t necessarily have to follow the Master Cleanse or do the saltwater flush recipe. The health benefits of cayenne pepper range from helping with simple digestion problems, helping to prevent heart disease and alleviating chronic pain. According to some, drinking cayenne tea (or taking a bit of cayenne pepper tincture) can even stop a heart attack in its tracks.

Cayenne increases the hydrochloric acid secretion and thus helps in digesting proteins and other foods. Also, this herb helps in the elimination of waste materials and people who are experiencing intestinal disorder should consume this pepper after consulting with a physician. This powerful herb increases the blood circulation and makes the circulatory system stronger. After a few moments, cayenne starts its action on stimulating blood.

Cayenne is also used as an herbal supplement to reduce extra weight and these days this herb is available in the form of pills and/or powder, as well as in the form of dried peppers. A simple dash of cayenne powder is all that is used in the famous master cleanse diet program followed by many people. Also known as the cayenne pepper cleanse, this diet of lemon juice, water and maple syrup includes a bit of cayenne pepper to help with clearing mucus from the body.

Some other cayenne benefits include getting quick relief from all kinds of chronic pain caused by arthritis. Cayenne’s main ingredient, capsaicin, is found as an ingredient in many arthritis and muscle pain ointments and salves and the heat helps relieve pain caused by overexertion, as well as the pain stemming from arthritis. Just note that if using the capsaicin creme for arthritis, you will need to give it plenty of time to work. It often takes up to two weeks of regular use to see some benefits.

Cayenne pepper products can be used to treat bursitis, nerve pain, and herpes zoster. People with psoriasis skin condition can use topical ointment developed with cayenne can reduce itching to a certain extent. In some cases, cayenne can stop hemorrhage and heart attacks to some extent. Sometimes, chronic headache can be easily treatment with cayenne to get instant relief from severe headache and discomfort.

Cayenne also arrests bleeding in the cases of internal hemorrhages in the parts of uterus, lungs, nose, and stomach. In certain cases, cayenne also helps in relieving gas and acid reflux problem. More research and studies are being done to learn the various other cayenne health benefits. Those who enjoy the spice of this pepper will also become happier to know that cayenne enhances the overall health of a person.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational benefits only. It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe medicine. Please contact your doctor if you have any particular health concerns that need to be addressed and let your doctor determine the best course of treatment.

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3 Responses to Cayenne Pepper Benefits

  1. i want to start a dailey program for me and my husband we both suffer
    from some of the symptoms in your artical. we are sr.s and have health
    issues but nothing that our current meds. don’t take care of. we need structure in the proper use of the pepper.

  2. admin says:

    Sandra, if you are doing the Master Cleanse, just use a tiny amount of the cayenne pepper — about an 1/8th to a 1/4 of a tsp for each batch.. depending on how much heat you can handle.

  3. Valerie says:

    I just yesterday started taking cayenne and noticed an immediate change in my energy level. Felt more inclined to get up and move. Not that I necessarily suffer from any specific illness, just occasionally feel sluggish, which tends to make me want to lie down. I also am overweight and can certainly see the benefits of having more energy to burn calories and carbs. Though I have never liked hot, spicy foods, have found adding cayenne to eggs and when juicing add a little to my drink, feel this is an easy transition for me.

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