Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth

Balding is a source of frustration and embarrassment for many men as well as women. People suffering from baldness are often desperate to find a solution. The solution will be in finding the most effective and fastest way to bring back the vitality of your hair. There are several options to try in doing this, ranging from medications to surgery. These are, however, either very expensive or not very effective.air is grown by dermis and is grown in follicles. These are nurtured so that they grow to be viable strands. Even though this nurturing process takes place, hair follicle damage is still a big problem. In order for hair to grow, the follicle must receive enough blood supply. If it doesn’t, your hair won’t grow correctly. In fact, if this gets serious enough, the follicle will become so damaged that the dermis will stop producing hair strands.

In looking for a solution to baldness, most people don’t think of cayenne pepper for hair growth. It’s not one of the commonly known cayenne pepper benefits. However, since the first order of business is to solve the blood circulation problem, cayenne pepper is EXACTLY where they should be looking. Cayenne pepper has quercetin, which helps keep the heart pumping sufficient blood all through the body. It also has capsaicin. This has been found to help in growing hair as the follicle is stimulated to do so. Cayenne pepper also provides protein, iron, vitamins and minerals that work to regenerate cells and tissues. When the hair follicle is rejuvenated, it will produce new hair that will soon present you with a great head of hair you can show off.

Cayenne Pepper Hair Loss Treatment

When you’re ready to get serious about combatting baldness, you can mix a cayenne pepper hair loss treatment for yourself. A great mixture to start with is mixing cayenne pepper and olive oil together. If you prefer, coconut oil is an excellent substitute for the olive oil. The way this works is that the oil takes the cayenne pepper deep into the strands of hair and skin pores to treat them.

Once you have mixed the treatment, apply it to your head and massage it in thoroughly. The pores of the dermis need to absorb each drop of the cayenne pepper right down to the roots. Let it set on your head for 30 minutes. This allows enough time for the pores to absorb the mixture. Be a bit cautious, though. At times, cayenne pepper can be irritating to the skin. If you suspect an allergy, try out the mixture on a small area of your scalp. If your head starts to burn, you will need to wash the mixture out immediately.

The important thing to remember is that you’re not going to re-grow your hair overnight. Use the cayenne pepper hair loss treatment often and be patient. Your hair follicles didn’t get damaged or destroyed in a short time, so it’s going to take a while to repair them. So don’t get discouraged.

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  1. sam says:

    i love this …….it REALLY works!!!

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