Cayenne Pepper Cat Repellent

Not everyone is a cat lover. Even if you do adore cats though, you can still have a problem with cats (either strays or your own) wandering through your yard, using it as a giant litter box and eating things you have planted. You may also have issues with them digging in your flower beds. The best, and most humane, way to handle this problem is by putting out something that will make them NOT want to come into your yard. One of these solutions is cayenne pepper cat repellent.

While there are many spices that can be used to create a homemade cat repellent, cayenne pepper is the number one heavy duty ingredient of them all. Cats completely DESPISE the smell of cayenne pepper. If you want to make a particularly strong cat repellent cocktail, take 3 parts of dry mustard, 5 parts of flour and 2 parts of cayenne pepper and mix them together. This makes a highly effective dust that will repel any and all unwanted cats. Spread it in any places that you don’t want cats to invade. Just remember that the strong spices, particularly cayenne pepper, will make cats sick if they eat it. Such things as pepper and other strong spices will also hurt a cat’s eyes or bring out aggressive behavior from them. You don’t want to hurt cats or make them ill, so be careful when using cayenne as a cat repellent.

Another form of cat repellent is made from steeping fresh or dried cayenne peppers in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then all you have to do is strain the liquid and put it in a clean spray bottle. These bottles can be purchased very cheaply at department stores or drug stores. So don’t use a bottle that used to hold detergent or chemicals. Once you have your spray bottle loaded, spray your baseboards, the floors of rooms or closets, counter tops, furniture or potted plants. This doesn’t harm the plants but it will make a cat think twice about approaching them. A good thing about using this type of cat repellent is that humans can’t detect the scent. However, it will be overwhelming to the cats. Keep the required areas sprayed every week or two, or more if you need to.

You may hear from some people that cayenne pepper is not something you should use when creating a cat repellent. However, as long as you take the proper precautions when mixing and distributing the repellent, it should be safe to use. You do need to be careful that you’re not spraying the mixture when a cat is in the area. Make sure that the cat is well out of spraying range. If this mixture gets in a cat’s eyes, it will hurt. Once it’s been sprayed on the target area, it will settle in and the cat will not approach, therefore, will not get the cayenne pepper spray in its eyes. The same is true of the cayenne pepper cat repellent dust. When the repellent has been put in place, the cats won’t go near it.

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