Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

The Cayenne Pepper cleanse is a special detoxification diet. It is designed to rid your body of the toxins that accumulate in the intestines and tissues.  Most advocates of the cayenne pepper cleansing diet also claim that they feel a lot more energetic by the time they finish the cleanse. For many folks, it may also help with improving focus, but there are additional benefits to consider as well, such as weight loss and better skin.

Of course, the main reason you will be losing weight is because you won’t be eating anything for a week to 10 days, so I wouldn’t exactly attribute that to the cayenne pepper. In all likelihood, you will gain some if not all of the weight back after you finish the cayenne pepper detox. The program isn’t really designed as a weight loss regimen, that’s more of a side effect of the process than anything and is expected to be temporary.

The Cayenne Pepper diet was originally created by a Doctor named Stanley Burroughs. He wrote about it in his book called The Master Cleanser. Essentially, the program is a fast as you don’t eat any food while you are undergoing the program. In the morning you drink the salt water cleanse, and throughout the day you drink the lemonade mixture. Due to the name of the book, the Master Cleanse has become probably the most popular name for this detoxification fast over the years, but in addition to referring to it as the Cayenne Pepper cleanse, it can also be called the Maple Syrup cleanse or the Lemonade diet. These are all popular terms for the same exact plan.

Dr Burroughs was an advocate of natural healing and one of his major concerns was with toxins in the body. So in 1941 he developed his plan and tried it out with some of his patients. Finding his special concoction to be successful, Dr. Burroughs carried on treating his patients with his prescription for fasting for many years, but his book wasn’t actually published until 1971.

Nowadays, the cayenne pepper cleanse has many followers and for many of them, they believe you get the best results by doing the fast a couple of times per year. Ideally, you would stick to the program for at least 10 days, but you can usually do it for up to 30 days without any harm. I think some participants feel you can also get results by just using the diet for a week.

The instructions themselves are simple enough and on the following page I provide the cayenne pepper cleanse recipe so you can mix up your own batch of the cayenne pepper lemonade drink and try it for yourself.

While cayenne pepper is purported to have various health benefits, such as helping with weight loss, its main purpose in this instance is for clearing mucus. Dr Burroughs believed that mucous built up in our bodies and needed to be eliminated. so the cayenne pepper is supposed to help this process. You will definitely be blowing your nose quite a bit during the cleanse.

If you do find that the cayenne is just a bit too much for you, I do not think it would overly hurt the recipe much if you reduced the quantity. But I think you’ll find that you were using too much in the first place. It is very difficult to judge 1/10th of a teaspoon. Really, that is a minuscule amount of cayenne pepper. I would experiment with just trying one or two shakes from the container and leaving it at that. YOu can always add more if there isn’t enough bite to your drink, but you can’t take some away once you’ve added it. You’d have to pour the whole drink out and start all over again.

Of course, whether or not cayenne pepper truly has health benefits is the subject of a bit of controversy, with some natural health advocates suggesting that the only mucus you are getting rid of by using cayenne pepper is the mucus that is created to protect your body from this very substance itself. But it isn’t likely that most advocates of the cayenne pepper cleanse would consider this to be true.

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6 Responses to Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

  1. Barb Grumpelt says:

    I see the recipe for the cayenne pepper cleanse, but how much do I drink in a day? Do I take it twice a day or three?

  2. admin says:

    Barb, drink it at least six times a day or more.

  3. Donna Ford says:

    Can you exercise while you do this? I don’t know if I will have any energy.

  4. admin says:

    You don’t need to exercise during the cleanse. I would take it easy for the duration. Maybe concentrate on very light exercise such as stretches, or just going for a walk. No need to do everything at once!

  5. Lin says:

    What can you eat while on the cleanse?

  6. I was told with this cleanse it is all you suppose to drink in order for it to work properly. You may get light headed & dizzy but it does work.

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