Cooking with Cayenne Pepper

Many people love for their food to be hot and spicy. For this reason, one of the most common spices used in dishes is Cayenne pepper. You get double benefits from using it in cooking your favorite dishes, however. Not only do you get that hot and spicy flavor you’re after, but your body’s circulatory system is stimulated by the pepper.

Now that you know that you’re also doing your body a favor by adding the Cayenne pepper to your cooking, you may want some suggestions on the best way to cook using it.

  • Nothing works to balance out sweet ingredients present in salad dressings, meats, soups or marinades better than a pinch of Cayenne pepper. Curry and Creole food traditionally use Cayenne pepper to get their unique tastes. These peppers can be sliced, chopped or fried whole. If you are growing cayenne peppers yourself, they can also be dried, and then soaked in oil to infuse the flavor.
  • Always check the labels of powdered Cayenne pepper spices so you can see how hot they are. Most of the powders are created from the whole pepper pod. However, there are other varieties that are less spicy that only have the skin without the inner membranes and seeds.
  • When you want to cook with Cayenne peppers, buy them whole. You can find them available year round in most locations. They start out as green, turning red as they mature. You can tell how hot a pepper is by how red it is. Use a paper bag to store fresh Cayenne peppers in the refrigerator.
  • Prepare your fresh, whole Cayenne peppers as to how hot you want the dish to turn out. If you want the hottest flavor possible, use the whole pepper. For a milder flavor, take the seeds out of the inside.
  • Remember to add the Cayenne pepper gradually to your dishes when you’re cooking. This avoids having foods that turn out too hot. Start out with a pinch. Stir while cooking for 5 minutes and taste. If you feel it needs more, add a pinch more and repeat the process.
  • You can cool down any dish that has an excess of Cayenne pepper by adding potatoes, noodles or coconut milk. This absorbs the flavor and neutralizes it.

Cooking with Cayenne pepper may be an art, but it’s one you can easily learn. All it takes is some knowledge and a bit of practice to get all of your spicy dishes to taste the way you want them to. In addition to that you also get the many cayenne benefits just by adding a bit of spice to your daily diet.

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  1. Amanda S. Alvizures says:

    AWsome!!! LOVE d Spice!!!

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